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Since 1975, attorney Alan M. Schiffman has provided assistance to the injured, disabled, and their families, in Phoenix and throughout the State of Arizona regarding claims for workers’ compensation, Social Security Disability, long term disability and personal injury.  He and his firm have received recognition as one of the best lawyers and firms in Phoenix, the State and the Southwest.  The firm is conveniently located close to the Social Security Central Phoenix Hearing Office near State Route 51 and Indian School Road, the SCF Arizona and the Industrial Commission of Arizona.  The firm is comprised of 3 attorneys, 4 paralegals and additional support staff to address your needs promptly and efficiently.  We are local attorneys; not attorneys or representatives flying in from out of State.  We know the local judges and many local doctors, so we know how to get your claim properly developed to improve your likelihood of success.  And we are able to handle all of your disability claims – so you don’t have to go to different firms to handle your workers’ compensation, Social Security Disability, Long Term Disability and personal injury claims.

Workers’ Compensation

For those injured in a work-related incident, workers’ compensation is the primary remedy. Almost all Arizona employees are covered under this program.  Our State Bar of Arizona certified specialists in workers’ compensation law can assist you in navigating this complex system which provides compensation payments for those disabled from work because of injury resulting in lost earnings and permanent impairment as well as coverage for medical expenses without deductibles. Our Phoenix workers’ compensation attorneys who are State Bar of Arizona certified specialists in workers’ compensation, can help you fully develop the evidence in your Arizona workers’ compensation claim.

Social Security Disability

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has two major programs that provide benefits for those unable to work because of medical impairments resulting in a disability: Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits (SSDIB) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Each has the same definition of disability but different requirements for eligibility.

SSDIB provides disability benefits for individuals who have insured status because the disabled individual has worked for a sufficient time period and can no longer work in not only the individual’s past relevant work (work that was done in the last 15 years) but also in alternative work that is considered substantial gainful activity (SGA).  SSDIB is funded by Social Security (FICA) taxes. It is important to realize that the term “disability,” for SSDI purposes, has a specific definition established by Congress and by a complex set of Regulations created by the SSA.  Although a significant percentage of SSDIB applicants are unable to work because of medical issues, attorney Alan Schiffman, a Phoenix Social Security disability attorney, reports that most claims are denied initially and again on appeal because of a lack of adequate development.

A claimant’s best opportunity for a positive result is with the experienced representation of a Phoenix Social Security disability attorney. Mr. Schiffman and the other attorneys at Schiffman Puig, P.C., provide such counsel not only with a firm grasp of the legal concepts, but with a compassionate understanding of how your disability affects your life.

Your Phoenix Social Security disability attorney also provide assistance on claims for SSI, which is a program for those disabled with little or no income and resources.  This program is funded by general tax revenues.

Other Areas of Practice

We have dedicated our professional careers to assisting the disabled and injured receive just compensation. Because of this, we also provide legal assistance in the following areas as well:

  • Long-term disability: Many government workers are not covered under SSA programs but nonetheless have coverage under alternative programs, such as the Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) or City of Phoenix or other city disability programs. Additionally, many companies offer long term disability (LTD) through a company sponsored plan that is self funded or provided by an insurance carrier, with many of these plans controlled by the Employment Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA).  Mr. Schiffman, a Phoenix Social Security disability attorney, notes that it is extremely important that these ERISA LTD claims are fully prepared as the administrative record is what will be considered on any court appeal.  
  • Personal injury: If the negligence of another is the cause of your injury, the initiation of a lawsuit may be necessary to recover your damages.  Claims against the State or a political subdivision require that a notice of claim be filed within 180 days of the date the person injured as a result of the negligence knew or should reasonably have known that the negligence caused his injury.  Other claims also have a statute of limitations that applies.  Also, evidence can disappear quickly.  So, it is very important that someone injured as a result of the negligence of someone else or by a defective product promptly contact an attorney.

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If you are injured or disabled because of a medical condition, your first priority is to address your medical needs. But do not ignore your rights to receive the workers’ compensation or disability benefits you deserve. Call Schiffman Puig, P.C., to speak with a Phoenix Social Security disability attorney or Phoenix workers’ compensation attorney, for an analysis of your situation. We can be reached at (602) 266-2667 or (800) 545-7372.